Van Dorn Valley Construction, LLC

About Us

At Van Dorn Valley Construction, LLC, our word is our bond. We operate with a high level of integrity and are focused on quality workmanship in all situations. Van Dorn Valley Construction was established as a heavy equipment construction company focused on projects related to moving earth. We are local to the Lincoln, NE market.

Scott Freeman, CEO

Scott has demonstrated his ability to run companies focused on top quality workmanship and products in a long and successful career. He has provided outstanding products and services in multiple industries.

Randall Dyck, CFO

In a career consulting role, for more than thirty (30) years, Randall has provided clients large and small, including Fortune 100 companies with IT and business consulting services and is currently also the CEO of an IT consulting firm.

Nick VanDorn Valley Construction

Nicholas Borgman, Sr. VP Operations

Nick has more than 20 years experience in operating heavy equipment and hands-on management of construction projects in the heavy equipment space. He has provided consistently high quality services to clients large and small and has an outstanding reputation in the Lincoln, NE marketplace.